About Us

Perfect Storm Boot Corporation is located in Lebanon, NH, where the inspiration for our boots comes from living through the four seasons of New England weather. We love the outdoors and we design boots that help you enjoy life outside, too.

The Perfect Storm boot collection offers style, quality, unique features and an exceptional fit. We are focused on providing high-performance boots at a reasonable price. These standards are what define our brand and our customer-driven culture.

We develop practical innovations like our Patented Perform Shield Handle Technology to keep unwanted elements from entering our boots through the handle holes. We add special features like our Perform Reflective Security Circle on our kid’s boots or our handy kick-rim on most men’s models.

Perfect Storm boots can be purchased from a dealer near you, and from select dealer web sites. As mentioned on our Online Retailers page, we pride ourselves on supporting local businesses and retailers. We have made a commitment to our brick and mortar business partners that we will not sell against them through online retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart, and the like. We encourage our business partners to sell our products on their own websites, and in return ask they do not list our products on websites such as Amazon.

We are always working to further develop our products and we invite you to provide your feedback, too.  Your comments, suggestions and recommendations are invaluable as we strive to produce the best boots on the market. Please visit our Contact Us page if you have any suggestions.